Taming your manuscript

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

The service is very simple and operates mostly by email, a typical transaction would be:

1)  You submit a completed enquiry form, along with your manuscript via email to

2)  You will receive a contract for the work which includes a quote for the costs and confirmation that article can be returned within your requested time frame.

3)  Should you decide that you wish to use the service, then you print, sign, scan, and return the contract by email.  You will receive a receipt of your order within 24 hours, and a date by which you can expect the edited version to be delivered

4)  The edited version of the manuscript will be delivered by email in two versions:

  • The “edited_detailed” version, where all changes can be clearly seen in the review function of word
  • The “edited_clean” version, where all changes have been accepted, but comments remain

5)  The invoice, which is delivered along with the edited manuscript must be paid within 14 days of completion of the order.  Payment is to be made by bank transfer.

What can I expect to be edited?

The manuscript will be edited for spelling, grammar, clarity and proper use of language.  Scientific accuracy will be considered where possible, but the editor can only make use of their current knowledge and will be not able to undertake extra research to assess the validity of the science.

Will you format the article for a particular journal?

No, unfortunately I cannot format your article for a particular journal. I do ask which journal you are planning to submit to for the purposes of language (e.g. US vs. British English) and also because I may be able to help, via comments, on some formatting issues based on previous experience of submitting to certain journals.

What formats can I send documents in?

I accept documents in word, text and rich text formats (RTF).  They will be returned in word format to enable you to see the changes that were made.

Can I ask further questions after the editing?

Of course! However, post-editing discussion is usually limited to two emails to ensure that deadlines for other work is met.

What do you offer for multiple manuscripts?

I offer a 5% discount to return customers.  For larger bulk orders, other offers could be discussed.

Do you edit references?

This is an additional extra service, where we will edit references into the format required and check that references.  The cost is €1 per reference.

Do you edit cover letters and similar?

Yes, I will edit cover letters or letters of application in the scientific field.  The cost is same as for an article/manuscript.

How much do you charge?

The pricing policy is very clear and you don’t have to wait for a quote, making the process as quick and painless as possible.

*this is the number of days that it will take you return your edited item.  Weekends are also included as normal days, and time is calculated from the moment that I email to say your completed invoice is received and the order is accepted. 

Still have questions?  Please email them to for a quick response


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