Professional Academic Editing for the Life Sciences

Fast, professional editing and proof-reading service that ensures your academic work is ready for successful submission.

The very best editing requires not only exceptional language skills but also expert subject knowledge, and having a fellow scientist edit your scientific paper is the best way to ensure that your work is communicated effectively.  As a specialist in Zoology and related life sciences, my knowledge and expertise means that I can evaluate not only the linguist aspects of your work, but also the theoretical, to ensure that your readers will understand precisely what you mean.  Furthermore, my familiarity with the specialist vocabulary ultimately means your article will be edited more efficiently – making the service both quicker and more affordable than non-specialist editing. 

At the EditingZoo your manuscript will not be edited by an anonymous non-specialist editor, but rather by a fellow scientist who is genuinely interested in your work and passionate about helping you to communicate your important findings.  Publish and flourish with help from the EditingZoo.

What we offer

Editing of Academic Articles

Writing and Editing of articles to promote your research

Editing of Grant Proposals

Scientific Consultation

The service is run by Dr. Amy MacLeod, a research Zoologist with a flair for writing and publishing.  As a native-English speaker working in wide international settings, I have extensive experience editing manuscripts and have worked as an editor for a large professional editing service.